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Japanese-style room

Hot spring resorts have long been a popular holiday destination for the Japanese.
Visitors include families, friends, couples and work colleagues. Most people stay at ryokans (Japanese-style inns) with a hot spring bath.

Ryokans are a part of Japanese culture. Staying at a ryokan is a unique cultural experience that shouldn’t be missed.
Come to Atami and stay in a ryokan. We promise it will be a memorable visit.

Ryokan Etiquette
Entrance   Entrance

It is usual to remove your shoes at the entrance.

Japanese-style room   Japanese-style room

Most ryokan have tatami flooring. Each room serves as a living room, dining room and bedroom. Take care not to walk on the tatami in your shoes or slippers.

Japanese-style room   Japanese-style room

The tokonoma is a slightly raised alcove on one side of the room used for hanging scrolls and placing flower vases.

Futon (quilt bedding)   Futon (quilt bedding)

Instead of a bed, traditional Japanese futon will be stored in the closet. The maid will come at night and prepare the futon. She will come again in the morning to put it away.

Ofuro (public bath)   Ofuro (public bath)

There are separate baths for men and women. As the bath is shared with other guests, you are asked to behave in a considerate manner.

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Yukata (cotton robe)

Yukata are often worn at summer festivals and when relaxing at home. In hot spring resorts, you will see people in yukata walking near their ryokan. You can also wear yukata to sleep in.

How to wear Yukata (cotton robe)
General tips
Ryokan rates generally include dinner and breakfast.The price will be indicated not as the room charge, but as the price per person per night including two meals.
Service charges are usually included and there is no need to tip.
Valuables should be left at reception.
Ofuro (public bath) Japanese-style room
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