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Japan is one of the few countries in the world where natural hot springs abound.
Scattered across the entire country, you can experience their medicinal benefits
while at the same time enjoying the scenic locations.

Atami is one of Japan's most famous hot spring resorts.
Noted for its abundant quantity of hot water, magnificent scenery, delicious seafood and mild climate, it has long been a popular destination for tourists.
With its traditional inns and geisha, Atami retains a very Japanese flavour.Come and enjoy the many attractions of this legendary spa resort.

Japanese-style room
Atami Spa Ofuro (public bath)
Kiunkaku 伊豆山神社
Only 50 minutes from Tokyo

Atami is 50 minutes by shinkansen from the capital, Tokyo, and is easily accessible from Narita International Airport.

Only 50 minutes from Tokyo
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History of Atami
History of Atami

Atami’s history as a spa town dates back about 1,000 years and it has been a popular tourist destination for the past 200 years.

Tokugawa Ieyasu (1543-1616), Japan’s most famous shogun who brought the whole country under his rule, liked to visit Atami.He was so impressed by the quality of the hot spring that he ordered barrels of water to be hauled back to Edo (present day Tokyo) at immense effort and expense.

No other hot spring in Japan has such a long history.

Beneficial Effects

Hyperthermic action  

Aids the body's metabolism and modulates the
autonomic nervous system.

Water pressure effect  

Has a massaging and exercising effect.

Buoyancy effect  

Relaxes the body and has a rehabilitative effect.

Therapeutic effect  

Change of surroundings relieves stress and mental fatigue and mild, warm climate aids recovery.

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Pour water over yourself first. Pour water over yourself first.

This enables your body to get accustomed to the
hot water. It is also good manners to wash
yourself thoroughly before you get into the bath.

Ease yourself into the bath slowly. Ease yourself into the bath slowly.

The water may be very hot. Get in slowly and
let your body become acclimated to the
temperature a little at a time.

There is no need to rinse yourself afterwards. There is no need to rinse yourself afterwards.

The beneficial ingredients of the spa water
penetrate your skin while you are bathing.
Unless you are prone to skin irritation,
it is more effective not to rinse your
body after leaving the bath.

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